Tīrau Primary School Enrolment Zone

We have an Enrolment Scheme (Zone), which means you will need to apply for an Out of Zone Enrolment to enrol at Tirau Primary School if you live outside the zone boundaries. If you are interested in enrolling your child please do make contact and find out what Tirau Primary School can offer!

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below and shown on the map above shall be entitled to enrol at Tirau Primary School.

The Tirau Primary School enrolment scheme covers the whole town.

The northern boundary of the scheme is at the junction between SH1 and SH29, including 2, SH1. The scheme does not include Horahora Road but does include all of Paparamu, Pahihi, Momona and Puketirau Roads.

The scheme includes up to 493 Totman Road, all of Nicholson Road, Crawford Road and Rangipai Road (to the West of State Highway 27). The scheme includes all of SH27 up to number 522, not including Lake Road or Wells Road.

To the East the scheme includes all of Bayley Road and Langland Road and Okoriore Road up to number 398. The south eastern boundary is the junction with Waimakariri Road up to 639/640 SH5 and 28 and from 455 Whites Road (SH28) north to the junction with SH5.

To the south the school zone includes SH1 up to number 1570 which is at the junction with Taumangi Road, and Webster Road, and including all of Taumangi and Webster Roads and Overdale Road from 266 upwards. (to the west)