Supporting with Reading

Reading at home with your Child

This is a very important part of the learning to read programme and there are some very simple things you can do to support this at home.

  1. Try to make reading fun for your child - read in a comfortable place and at a time when your child is feeling settled.

  2. If for any reason they are reluctant to read try some of the following ideas

a) You read a page or sentence then have them read a page or sentence

b) read the book to them and then try again at another time.

Before Starting reading

Discuss the cover to help the children to activate prior knowledge and make connections

Do a picture walk look at the pictures in the story and discuss - to get an idea of what the story might be about

Watch the video for a demonstration of the Pause, Prompt, Praise technique:

If reading aloud - please use the following when a mistake is made - see the bookmark below

Pause - to allow for self correction (count to 5 in your head)

Prompt - If they are stuck

Praise - their attempts and corrections