Board of Trustees

Meet the wonderful members of our Tīrau Primary School Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees would like to welcome all children and staff back to school this year. We would especially like to welcome the new entrants and their families who have recently arrived in our neighbourhood. We also extend a warm welcome to new staff members who may join our team during the year.

We, as a Board, offer our full support to our principal Siobhan Patterson and the management team, Mrs Denise Mathers as Deputy Principal and Mrs Nesta Baigent as Assistant Principal. We have entrusted them with the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of the school. We also invite all children, their families and staff to join the Board in offering their support to the management team.

Policies adopted by the Board of Trustees are available at our school office for your perusal.

The Board of Trustee meetings are usually held on a Thursday at 6.30pm in the Library. Dates for these will be published in our fortnightly newsletters. Parents and the public are welcome to attend.

We look forward to working and socialising with you all this year and wish you and, in particular, the children of the school, the very best for 2022.


Veronica Maree (Presiding Member)

Veronica Maree

Presiding Member

Veronica was elected onto our Board of Trustees at the 2019 elections. Her youngest daughter attend sTirau Primary School in Year 6.

Mark Nicholas -

Deputy Presiding Member

Mark was elected onto our Board of Trustees at the 2020 elections. His daughter have moved on to Intermediate.

Denise Mathers Staff Rep

Denise is Deputy Principal at Tīrau Primary School. Denise has worked at Tīrau Primary School since 2016 and she was elected as the staff representative on the Board of Trustees in the 2019 election.

Jesse - Lee Bundy

Parent Rep

Jesse - Lee is serving in her first term on our Board of Trustees. Jesse - Lee's oldest child is at Tīrau Primary School in Year 3

Mo Bell - Whānau Rep

Mo was co-opted onto our Board of Trustees in 2020 as our whānau rep. Her youngest son attends Tirau Primary School in Year 5.

Kasey Moore - Parent Rep

Kasey was elected onto our Board of Trustees at the 2020 elections. 3 of her 4 children attend Tirau Primary School. Her son is in Year 1 and her daughters are in Year 3, and Year 6.