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 The New Zealand Curriculum is the document that sets the direction for student learning and provide guidance for schools as they design and review their curriculum.

It start with a vision of young people developing the competencies they need for study, work, and lifelong learning, so they may go on to realise their potential.

Below is a link to the document and as we complete our review throughout 2018 we will keep updating this page with the new sections of the Tirau Primary Local Curriculum. 

 The New Zealand Curriculum.pdf

Some key sections of the New Zealand Curriculum are below




Curriculum Expectations and Levels


This diagram shows how curriculum levels typically relate to years at school. Many students do not, however, fit this pattern. They include those with special learning needs, those who are gifted, and those who come from non- English-speaking backgrounds. Students learning an additional language are also unlikely to follow the suggested progression: level 1 is the entry level for those with no prior knowledge of the language being learned, regardless of their school year. 

 In the following documents we have outlined our school achievement expectations at the eend of Year 2, 4 and 6 which corresponds to when children should be working at the end of Level 1, 2 & 3 respectively


Curriculum Survey Term 1 2018