Tirau Primary School - Growing Successful LEARNers Together

 Welcome to Tirau Primary, we look forward to working with you and your family on this important life journey. Below is some important information to know if you are considering enrolling your child with us.
Tirau Primary School has an enrolment scheme. An enrolment scheme helps prevent the school from being overcrowded.  If you live in Tirau Primary School's 'in-zone' area you can enrol your child/children at anytime.
Families who live outside the home zone can only attend the school if there is a place available for them. For more information about our enrolment zone click this link Tirau Primary Enrolment Scheme

Enrolment:    A formal enrolment form needs to be completed.  These are available from the school office and gives the school all the personal details necessary for our records, e.g. health details, emergency contact numbers, and any additional information you feel we need to know.  Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have and, rest assured, these will be kept in strictest confidence.


When sending in your enrolment form, we will require the following: 


  • Copy of Birth Certificate (New Entrants)
  • Copy of Immunisation Certificate
  • (If the child does not hold a NZ Birth Certificate or is not a NZ Resident we will require a copy of Visa and Student Visa Details)

School Stationery:     

Your child will need stationery, a book bag and a chairbag. All these things are available from the school office but you may prefer to buy them elsewhere. Just ask for a list from us but do make sure that you buy the correct exercise books.

Food and Drink:  Most children bring their playlunch and lunch to school, and a drink. Do ensure that your child has a drink bottle they can easily open and put the lid back on properly. A few trial runs would be a good idea!
Finally, we want you to feel comfortable about your child coming to Tirau Primary School and encourage you to come along and have a look at the school, meet the Principal (Siobhan Patterson) and ask any questions. Do not hesitate to ring the office with any queries, Executive Officer (Freda Leonard).

Below is our school information booklet


If you would like further information or would like to make an appointment with the Principal please email - principal@tirau.school.nz