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 2017 Charter

 On the 1st March every year each school must forward to the Ministry of Education their Charter for the year. The Charter is compiled by the Board of Trustees and contains all the information about Tirau Primary that make our school the unique and special place it is. It also includes our Strategic Plan which is reviewed every 3 years and looks at the particular priorities of the school community. The Board also creates an Annual Plan to ensure that specific areas are completed each year. 


There is a copy of the Charter in its entirety for you to download.



Below is a diagram outlining the skills, attitudes and values we would like our students to develop in the 6 years that the children will be at Tirau Primary School. 


 Our School vision and values


 Our strategic plan - this is our overarching goals developed from our community survey in 2015 - this will be carried out again at the end of 2017.

The Annual Plan is the guiding document for the direction of the school for the 2017 year.





As part of our planning and reporting we need to provide the National Standards Data for the previous year and set achievement targets to raise the number of children achieving at or above the National Standards.

An overview of the school results for the school for 2016 is as follows:


Our Reading targets for 2017 are:




Our Writing Targets are:


Our Mathematics Targets are:




Tirau Primary School Charter 2017.pdf 

Reading Targets 2017.pdf 

Writing Targets 2017.pdf 

Mathematics Targets 2017.pdf