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Upcoming Events

 2017 Start Details

Below are the details for the beginning of the school year

Thursday 26th January - School office from 8:30 - 10:00 for new enrolments and uniform enquiries.

Stationery will be available to purchase from Wednesday - remember we don't have eftpos at school.

School will be starting at 8:50 on Wednesday 1st February 


2017 Term Dates

The term dates for 2017 are:

Term 1  - Wednesday 1st February - Thursday 13th April  

Term 2 - Monday 1st May - Friday 7th July

Term 3 - Monday 24th July - Friday 29th September

Term 4 -Monday 16th October - Friday 15th December 

Welcome back for 2017

We are all looking forward to a exciting and busy 2017 school year. We have some awesome learning opportunities for our Tirau LEARNerS and look forward to having you all join us on this journey.

Our staff for 2017 are as follows:

Principal-  Mrs Siobhan Patterson

Deputy Principal - Mrs Denise Mathers - Year 5 & 6 - Ruma Kereru (Room 1)

Year 4 & 5 Teacher - Mrs Sarah Brown - Ruma Pukeko (Room 2)

Year 2 & 3 - Miss Kelly Mason (Monday to Wednesday) - Ruma Kiwi (Room 5)

Mrs Tania Edmeades (Thursday and Friday) 

Year 2 & 3 Miss Kimberley White - Ruma Kakapo (Room 6)

Junior Learning Team Leader - Mrs Donna Signal - NE/Year 1

Classroom Release Time and Learning Support - Mrs Judith Robinson 

Senior Teacher Release (Term 1) - Miss Justine Exley

Teacher Aides - Mrs Tanya Putt

Ms Jacque Dykstra

Mrs Nicole Goldsbury

Executive Officer Mrs Freda Leonard

CaretakerMr Geoff Crispe

Cleaner Mrs Julie Duske


The office will be open on Thursday 26th January but for any urgent information or new enrolments please contact  the Principal - Siobhan Patterson - principal@tirau.school.nz

Term 2 Learning Hui - Maths

Thank you to the great group of parents who turned out for the Learning Hui in Maths last Thursday evening. While we were a small group there was great discussion about how we teach Maths at school.

Below are some of the resources we shared and if you would like further information please see Mrs Patterson and she will arrange a time to hold a further session for those of you who were unable to join us.

The website NZMaths has a lot of very good information for parents - click on the Families section 



Introductory Video for Supporting Maths at Home 



Zuri the Giraffe

Earlier this term we were all excitedly waiting out the front of Tirau Primary School to see Zuri the Giraffe as she was moved from Auckland Zoo to her new home at Wellington Zoo. Sadly as she drove past she put her head down in her trailer and we didn't get to see her.

 Yesterday we received a box from Auckland Zoo with a Zuri giraffe, a lovely letter and an adoption certificate for one of the giraffes at Auckland Zoo. 



Below is a video of Zuri's trip south and Tirau School pupils and our school sign are featured at about 1min 58 secs



Term 2 News

It is with sadness that we announce that the Board of Trustees have accepted the resignations of Mr Gareth Gilmour and Mrs Bridget Watkins from the end of Term 2 2016. During their time at Tirau Primary School Mr Gilmour and Mrs Watkins have made a huge contribution to the success of our wonderful school. Their work to develop areas of our school curriculum have been greatly appreciated by the staff and it is evident in the quality programmes of learning that are in place across the school. They leave the school in a very healthy position. We are looking forward to celebrating their contribution to our school and the wider community before the end of the term and this will be shared with the school community once the plans are in place. 


The Board are currently working to appoint staff to take over from Mr Gilmour and Mrs Watkins and once this has been finalised we will let the community know.

I know that you will all join with us in congratulating Mr Gilmour and Mrs Watkins on their new positions and wish them all the best for the future.


Welcome back for the 2016 School Year

All of our staff have been hard at work this week getting ready for the new school year. We are all excited to see everyone back at school on Tuesday morning.  We have had an influx of new enrolments for the 2016 year so we will have an assembly at 8:50 am on Tuesday morning to welcome everyone back for the year.

We would like to welcome Miss Justine Exley and Mrs Tania Edmeades to our staff for the 2016 year. Miss Exley will be teaching our Year 4 & 5 students in Ruma Pukeko and Mrs Edmeades will be teaching our Year 1 & 2 students in Ruma Kiwi.


If you would like to download our Tirau Primary School App follow the links below

Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appswiz.tirauprimaryschool&hl=en


Apple itunes Store  - https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/tirau-primary-school/id1074503451?mt=8

Term Dates for 2016 


Term 1 Tuesday 2 February to Friday 15 April (100 half-days)

Public Holidays… Auckland Anniversary Day (Monday 1 February), Waitangi Day (Monday 8 February), Good Friday (Friday 25 March), Easter Monday (Monday 28 March), Easter Tuesday (Tuesday 29 March).

Term 2 Monday 2 May to Friday 8 July (98 half-days)

Public Holiday… Queen’s Birthday (Monday 6 June).

Term 3 Monday 25 July to Friday 23 September (90 half-days)

Term 4 Monday 10 October to Thursday 15th December (96 half-days)

Public Holiday… Labour Day Monday 24 October





Please ensure that your child has an appropriate wide brimmed hat, or a cap with a flap to cover the neck. We will not be allowing children to play in the playground after Thursday if they do not have an appropriate hat. We also recommend that you apply sunscreen to your children before they get to school and that they have sunscreen to apply at school. Classes do have a supply of sunscreen for children to use if they have forgotten theirs. If you are wanting to purchase a hat we do have them for sale in the office for $8



It was great to see our learners wearing our school uniform and looking so smart in Term 1. 

Our official school shirt is compulsory for all students. 

The children need to wear items such as shorts, leggings, skirts or pants on the bottom but these must be full black, there are a number of places where these are available at a reasonable price. 


Due to the success of our school the ministry has placed an enrolment scheme on our school. The board would like to inform the community that we do have some limited spots for those learners who live outside our ‘Home Zone’ across all levels of the school available until the end of this term.  If you would like to come and have a guided tour of our school, please ring and book a tour at the office or simply pop in for a look around and get your children onto our waiting list.